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Small Decisions for Huge Results

You Can Do This... Just Start Now

In our lives we are faced with decisions each and every day. From what we're going to wear to work to the coffee we drink each morning. Every decision you make can affect you in some way. Unfortunately, most times, people never consider the small decisions they make and how it can affect them. But these small decisions can really deter you from having a healthy body and weight loss efforts. I'll give some examples below.

Cut Out the Sodas

Just having 3 soft drinks each day can have a huge impact on your weight. Soft drinks are typically loaded with sugar which can give you spikes in your glucose levels. And for a 12 ounce soft drink you'll usually take in about 140 calories. Having 3 each day is 420 calories each and every day. That's almost 3,000 calories per week. And since the amount of calories in one pound of body fat is 3,500 you can actually start cutting out one pound each week almost by giving up soft drinks and making the decision to drink a healthier alternative such as water.

It's small decisions such as this that we make on a daily basis that we really need to pay attention to. When it comes to food it's always best to give everything a second thought and try to determine if there is an alternative that is healthier and can help you more in weight loss efforts.

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